Bamboo Christmas Tree


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Make your own Bamboo Christmas Tree using this kit of parts and reuse it every year. Possible to configure the tree in three different arrangements by simply rotating the bamboo poles.

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Festive season is here and it’s time to decorate the house with a Christmas tree and loads of gifts. Why not make it together as a family? And contribute to a better world for our children!
Every year thousands of tiny pine trees get chopped down for a short term use. Wouldn’t it be better for the planet if we got those trees to grow to their full size and instead make our own Christmas tree that can be reused year after year from a renewable resource. Better even, you engage in making something together, as a family. Yes, I know you can buy one of those plastic trees that can be reused but in the end it is made out of plastic and will end up in landfill in a few years time.

Tree size when assembled:

Width: 40cm, Length 40cm, Height: Approx. 50cm

Whats in the kit:

All parts needed to assemble your very own Bamboo Christmas Tree, including bamboo pieces, threaded rod and nuts.

Want to build your own?

Visit our blog post to find out how: Make your own Bamboo Christmas Tree

Munir is an Architect and a Designer with a keen interest in sustainability and good design. He is the Co-founder of the Melbourne based design + build studio Giant Grass and eco-friendly bamboo products brand Made of Bamboo. He is passionate about natural building and hands-on learning and has worked with materials like bamboo for more than 15 years. He is co-author the book ‘Co-building with Bamboo’ and has presented at a range of international conferences in Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea and Australia. Currently, he is vice president of Bamboo Society of Australia and also World Bamboo Ambassador for World Bamboo Organisation.

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Dimensions 50 x 10 x 10 cm


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