About Us

You are probably here because like us you are also tired to tacky plastic toys that can be toxic and your children play with it for a day or two before they break and end up in the bin.

Made of Bamboo is a social enterprise with a focus on reducing the use of plastic in everything we make and using environmentally friendly alternatives that are natural, beautiful and affordable. We believe that as parents we have responsibility to ensure that we leave a better planet for our children.

Our toys are handcrafted from naturally hollow bamboo using minimal industrial processing. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials for the future and is used for range of products.


Everything we in the toys has been carefully selected to ensure it has no detrimental impact on the environment. They will last a lifetime for your child and their children. And if they do end up in landfill they are fully biodegradable, returning back to the soil in no  time.

Hope your children enjoy the toys as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

The story behind Made of Bamboo

We are parents of two little boys (well, not so little anymore) who want to provide as safe and fun environment for them to grow up. When we became aware of some of the toxic chemicals in plastic products and the impact of plastic on our environment we went on a look out for products that were environmentally friendly.

This is when we realised that it was quite difficult to find truly sustainable and ethical products and when we did they were too expensive. With our experience in architecture and design and working with bamboo for more than 15 years we decided to make some toys in our workshop for our two boys. Not only did our children love playing with the toys, their friends loved it too. Some of the parents suggested that we should try and sell them in the market. After exhibiting the toys at various design markets and evaluating the feedback we decided to take the plunge and run a Kickstarter campaign to bring the toys to reality. This is how Made of Bamboo was born.

After the successful delivery of our Kickstarter campaign we are now busy developing the back end of our business and bringing the toys to more children.

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