Eco-friendly bamboo toy cars

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Cars are an integral part of childhood play for most kids as they inspire motion and imagination. As designers and parents of two young boys, we wanted to design and create toys that are eco-friendly, durable and beautiful. Drawing on our experience on working with bamboo we wanted to create products that were influenced by the beauty of natural materials and the joy of hand-crafting. This resulted in ‘Made of Bamboo’, a new venture featuring beautiful, handcrafted and eco-friendly products.
Combining the minimalist and contemporary design principles with the beauty of bamboo we created a series of toy cars that are natural, beautiful and sustainable. These cars are hand crafted using eco-friendly materials with minimal industrial processing. Everything used is the product is biodegradable ensuring the toy does not contribute to landfill at the end of life and can be fully composted.

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93 backers raised $10,354 to bring these cool eco-friendly cars to life.

By buying these cars you will not only be buying some really cool and eco-friendly toy cars for your kids or family but you will also be supporting our vision for a sustainable planet and doing your bit for the environment.